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When protecting your business it is fundamental that you have the right combination of Security System, Access Control and CCTV Surveillance. Luckily Excelcom has over 30 years of ensuring that we can build a solution that is right for you. With advanced technology you can live stream what’s happening in and around your office or warehouse from wherever you are in the world. Lock, unlock and arm your security system or remotely configure user access.

Modern security cameras won’t just capture crisp images and video footage of your property, our solutions can be designed to also offer an effective level of visual and sound deterrence to help prevent crime before it happens.

Couple this with options for advanced industry AI, ability to capture night images is full colour and 24/7 monitoring across alarm and CCTV, you can be rest assured that what you care about is in safe hands.

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  • Network Design and recommendation for systems
  • Provision of systems from leading manufacturers
  • Thermal camera systems
  • IP configuration
  • Remote access configuration for remote monitoring and control
  • Control room set up
  • Civil construction for Pit, pipe and pole
  • Access Control
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